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App::TimeTracker is a Perl application, and thus requires a recent Perl (>= 5.10). It also reuses a lot of code from CPAN.


The easiest way to install the current stable version of App::TimeTracker is via CPAN. There are several different CPAN clients available:


The new and shiny CPAN client!

~$ cpanm App::TimeTracker
--> Working on App::TimeTracker
Fetching http://search.cpan.org/CPAN/authors/id/D/DO/DOMM/App-TimeTracker-2.009.tar.gz ... OK
Configuring App-TimeTracker-2.009 ... OK
Building and testing App-TimeTracker-2.009 ... OK
Successfully installed App-TimeTracker-2.009
1 distribution installed

If you don't have cpanminus installed yet, install it right now:

~$ curl -L http://cpanmin.us | perl - --sudo App::cpanminus


CPANPLUS comes preinstalled with recent Perls (5.10 and newer).

cpanp i App::TimeTracker


CPAN.pm is available on ancient Perls, and feels a bit ancient, too.

cpan App::TimeTracker

From a tarball or git checkout

To install App::TimeTracker from a tarball or a git checkout, do the usual CPAN module install dance:

~/perl/App-TimeTracker$ perl Build.PL
~/perl/App-TimeTracker$ ./Build
~/perl/App-TimeTracker$ ./Build test
~/perl/App-TimeTracker$ ./Build install # might require sudo

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