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App::TimeTracker 2.016

posted by domm on 10.01.2012 at 23:31:12 · Atom Icom

This versions prevents some annoying behavior, as discovered by Ruslan Zakirov in this bug

If you start a task on 2012-01-10 late in the evening, and (even later, but before midnight) do stop --at 01:00, App::TimeTracker would assume you meant 1:00 on the 10th, and not on the 11th, resulting in negative time spend on the task.

To prevent the universe from collapsing, App::TimeTracker now aborts stop if the specified stop time is earlier than the starting time of the current task.

Ruslan pointed me to Test::MockTime, which allows you to mock the current time to arbitrary values; very handy for testing stuff like this... See the gory details here on github

One note on using Test::MockTime together with DateTime: As noted by time-overlord Zefram here, you have to load Test::MockTime before loading DateTime (or anything else that might use DateTime) - or it won't be able to do it's magic. Hm, I guess I should submit a doc-patch...

So what do you think?