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Website launched and App::TimeTracker 2.011

posted by domm on 28.10.2011 at 16:41:22 · Atom Icom

I hereby proudly present to you this website!

Setting up this site was a bit of work (about 10 hours or so), but it was definitely worth it. I even enjoyed hacking the jQuery powered console thingy on the startpage...

If you're maintaining a CPAN distribution or some Perl tool, I encourage you to set up a small website for it. It's really easy using something like ttree, or by writing a custom Pod2YourSite converter using e.g. Pod::Simple (like I did here).

Yes, I know that the various CPAN front-ends already provide us with usable pseudo-sites, but to be honest: they all are rather ugly and definitely not suited to non-programmers - or even people who are programmers but not members of the Perl echo chamber. Most people (again, outside the elite club of the Perl Masons) just aren't interested in META.json or a test result matrix or have any need to grep the source. They want some quick reasons why your piece of software is cool and what their benefits are if they use it.

Anyway, I'm planning to do similar sites for other tools and things I have authored. And I really think it would be a good thing if more Perl projects also had distinct, cool websites!

Also, while setting up App::TimeTracker with Jozef today, I discovered that some required files are not automatically created. The new version 2.011 (on it's way to CPAN as I type..) fixes this.

So what do you think?